We are a dedicated and accredited group of education professionals whose main objective is to impart education with the outmost quality and highest standards.

To all the community of the COLEGIO BRITANICO S.C.

I want to personally welcome all our esteemed students, returning and new, to our school. It is our pleasure to have you with us, we are thrilled to be part of your development and together, generation after generation, continue to strengthen our community. We are eagerly awaiting, through new challenges and experiences, to witness first-hand how you will grow in all aspects of your life. As every generation before you, we are looking forward to proudly seeing you carry our schools brand name and recognition through all the positive actions you will surely make throughout your lifetime.

Our faculty, administration and personnel in general, is committed in making your learning experience, from Kindergarten to Preparatory a challenging, self-fulfilling and enjoyable one. Enabling you to learn in a natural way and accomplishing your full potential within each of our institutions academic levels.

We are very grateful to the parents of our students for entrusting us with the opportunity to be part of your child’s academic development, a gesture we will repay with dedication, perseverance, kindness and firmness. Making sure your children obtain the best possible outcome from their time with us.

With warm regards,
MEE.Alma Rosa González Johnson
Head of School