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Britanico’s academic program is aligned with the SEP’s (Secretaría de Educación Publica) and is enriched with the application of constructivist educational models, focused on building competencies, and with an excellent global approach curriculum.

Our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, interactive whiteboards, projectors and internet, as well as an online educational platform.


Our groups are small, allowing more integration and personalized attention.
Students can participate in STEM competitions (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics) allowing him or her to demonstrate the development of their competencies.

We have Physics, Chemistry and Biology Laboratories perfectly suited for students training.

Around English, we have two levels of education: intermediate and advanced levels. As part of the program, students participate in the international academic competition BEO (British English Olympics) based in London, England, constantly obtaining first places worldwide.

We offer the opportunity to prepare the student for the Cambridge certificate.

Our computer classes consist of teaching different languages as well as basis for programming.

The students have activities that aim at their integral formation, such as:


Our School promotes sport as an important part of its training. The sports academies are: soccer, basketball, volleyball, tae-kwon-do, zumba and gymnastics. There are internal and external sports tournaments where Britanico’s teams constantly obtain excellent results.


We offer artistic workshops such as: dance, theatre, plastic arts, musical instruments and group singing.
We have a Symphony Orchestra of the School, to which the students can join, rallying on highly skilled and specialized teachers. In the same way, we also offer a Chess academy.


Students can participate in debates, poetry and oratory. Regional and national competitions are also promoted.
Educational field trips are carried out to strategic places of academic value and with well-defined objectives.
It is important to highlight that our academic body is formed by committed and skilled professional teachers, with relevant and constantly updated preparation and accreditation, within each of their subject matter fields of expertise. We also retain highly qualified psychological and medical staff to support our students and team.

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