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Our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, interactive whiteboards, projectors, WI-FI access and online educational platforms.Our groups are small, allowing for greater integration and knowledge.
Bilingual program. We offer the opportunity to prepare the student for the TOEFL.

We have perfectly conditioned physics, chemistry, biology and anatomy laboratories.
We give special focus to computer science, in our computer labs students learn the complete application of basic programs to programming with different languages. As well as Arduino robotics workshops.
The school promotes sports as an integral part of the students’ development, sport academies are: soccer, basketball, volleyball, tae-kwon-do and zumba.
The representative teams actively participate in internal and external tournaments, constantly achieving excellent results.
We offer artistic workshops such as dance, theatre, plastic arts, musical instruments, group singing, as well as chess and reading circles.
We have a symphony orchestra headed by highly specialized teachers to which students can join with the instrument of their choice.

Students can participate in debates, poetry, oratory, as well as regional and national competitions.

We promote in our students the sense of social responsibility, facilitating community services where they can create a favourable impact with the most vulnerable sectors of our community.


Educational trips to cities like New York, San Francisco and Seattle, as well as universities and companies of global prestige are encouraged.
Students also participate each cycle in the international competition for young entrepreneurs, BEO Master, held in London England.

The school organizes educational field trips to companies and sites of academic interest which enable a unique view at career options to continue their development at university level.

It is important to highlight that our academic body is formed by committed and skilled professional teachers, with relevant and constantly updated preparation and accreditation, within each of their subject matter fields of expertise. We also retain highly qualified psychological and medical staff to support our students and team.

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