End of school year / Beginning of classes

DEAR PARENTS: We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for an amazing school year and inform you of important dates ahead. The last day of school for all levels will be Monday July 8th. Preschool: Monday, July 8th, grades, certificates, diplomas and material will be distributed from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.…
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Rally Open Class

In Kindergarten had an Open Class Rally because we wanted that our parents knew the teachers and the spaces in which they are carried out. The special classes on this occasion were: science, art, technology and physical education. The parents had the opportunity to star with their children to carry out the activities in which…
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Medieval festival 2017

The high school of the Colegio Británico,  presented this October 18 the medieval festival. This project was organized by the students of second of secondary with the charge of Martha Carolina Hernández Orozco, teacher of the subject  class of Universal History. This was an interdisciplinary project, involving all the subjects of the three secondary grades,…
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Opening Sports

Last October 12 was the opening of the sport, this was very emotional because we have the presence of the celebrity Ricardo "Chavicos" Enriquez sports director of the basic forces of club León. It was a very dynamic day for the different disciplines that were presented in the different groups of students and gave a…
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Independence day

Independence day On September 15, the civic event was corresponding to the 207th anniversary of the beginning of the independence of our country. We had the participation of students of all educational levels of our school. ¡VIVA MÉXICO!
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